Many try to find themselves in skul whether it is hskul collage primary.well the fact remains that every stage you go thru in life ,makes you grow in all aspects that rilly influence the way you become as u grow.well i may noty be the best person but atleast i try to take lyf the way it comes n make the best of it so ma rule be KEEP HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY

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Scratching the Past to Start all over again

Hey Read you post and its very nice of you to do this i totally had put it behind my back …..

I always say the truth i was rather shocked to wake up one morning and going on Facebook only to find a message that was rather confusing and i had no clue. Till I figure out that you where terminating our relationship that we had. I may not be the easiest guy ever and i felt where you were coming from but you just had to talk to me and not go on an out bust.

But you know this only makes us start all over again cause taking pieces up and putting them together will make it only more fragile. Its cool how you started a post nice idea…..

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hey well this the first tym av done this n i jus thought that i shud mend wat i broke last year september and i really think that made a mistake letting you go im sorry about that and i jua yu wah kinda shocked but on june wen i met you i saw that i should not be scared of being with you even if you are abroad and i wanted to ask you whether you still want to be my guy.

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